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This is the view from the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast. Tempted? We also offer great hiking in the Swiss Alps and Norway.

Silver Tray journeys often lead to great trail heads. Depending on your energy level and head for heights, here are some of our favourite destinations:

SCENIC WONDERS: The Path of the Gods is a trail on the Amalfi Coast that manages to get away with its name. This balcony trail traverses the mountain sides high above the Mediterranean, with panoramic views of the entire coastline with Positano below you and Capri in the distance. You get to the trailhead by public transport and end the hike by descending never-ending steps down to Positano for a well-deserved lunch. 
In Norway, the Geiranger Fjord offers truly stunning vistas. Our favourite is the trail to the abandoned Skageflå cottage, placed on a small balcony high up on a mountainside, directly across from the Seven Sisters waterfall. You can do this as a one-way hike and catch a local ferry back to town.
In Chur, take a local train a short distance alongside the Rhine, and then hike the Rhine Gorge, an amazing scenery of twisted cliffsides that the locals compare to the Grand Canyon. You also get to see this gorge from the Glacier Express, but it is very much worthwhile to explore it on a hike.

Norways's Geiranger Fjord

SERIOUS HIKERS ONLY: The charming village of Zermatt could be called the throne room of the Alps: Surrounded by a ring of mighty four-thousand meters, with the Matterhorn as the jewel in the crown. There are trails for all levels, including numerous strenuous, but stunning day-hikes, to lofty mountain huts where you can enjoy a good lunch with a view before returning to the valley. The summit of the Mettelhorn is especially recommended for the truly ambitious. The last bit to the summit may feel more like a climb than a hike, but the views more than make up it: According to the locals, this is the best panorama of the Matterhorn from anywhere. 
Also in this category: Norway’s Ånsdalsnes, where you find the most legendary day-hike in Norway, the Romdalseggen. Here you hike on a precarious trail on a narrow mountain ridge. This is only for the experienced hikers, but also a hike that can rival anything in the Alps.
Some of Europe’s most stunning hiking trails are to be found in Lofoten, high above the Polar Circle. Here, narrow ridges afford you wondrous vistas over the wall of mountains that stretch out into the Atlantic. The trick here is to remember to mind your step. 


Hiking in Lofoten

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