May we inspire you

Getting there is half the fun when you travel with Silver Tray. Of course, that still leaves the other half of the fun: At the destination. Our journeys let you indulge in wine tastings, work up a sweat on steep mountain trails, explore cultural gems in historical cities, go skiing (before most anyone else), and much more. Here are a few of the possibilities – from the Polar Circle to North Africa.

Grand Tours

Byron and Keats did the traditional Grand Tour to Paris, the Alps, Venice, Florence, and Rome. We have reimagined their journey. But we have also crafted other cultural and historical adventures for you.


Silver Tray can get you right to the trailhead. Hike the Amalfi Coast (the photo here is taken from the Path of the Gods), the Swiss Alps, or high above the dramatic Norwegian fjords.


Discover a level of comfort you did not believe still existed on scheduled European trains. For example, the service on the premium first-class on this photo includes a seven-course lunch with wine and a private cocktail bar. 


Tasting menus at Michelin-star restaurants in Paris, Lyon, or San Sebastian.  Wine tastings and visits to vineyards in Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Rhone. Plus some of the finest meal service to be found on a regular train today. 


Travel by rail to the slopes in Chamonix, Verbier, or St Anton in grand style and comfort – and get two extra full days of skiing out of your week. 

Mountain railways

Our quick guide to the finest mountain railways in the Alps. Including the Glacier Express and the Bernina Express, but also spectacular mountain railways you have probably never heard of.